State License # DS 1200086            RS 1500001

Process Server

The process server acts as a professional messenger between legal entities such as the courts, IRS, and others and private citizens. All citizens have the constitutional right to "Due Process" Which in basic terms means:  Notification of  legal actions being made against a person.  This is where the Process Server provides a valuable service. Laws regarding how a processor may perform their work varies by state. Verbal and body language skills are crucial in the process server field regardless of where you live and desire to work. At Conroy's Security Academy we provide detailed instructional training to help give you an added edge in your career.
A few of the Process Server topics covered in our training are:

+How is a civil case processed
+How do you serve Due Process
+How to serve legal documents
+Service requirements as to particular type of action
+Attempts to evade service and useful tricks to complete service
+Skip Tracing
+Giving testimony
+Setting up a Process Server Business

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