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Dr. Tom Shares
When someone asks me why I created Conroy's Security Academy, my response is this. I graduated from two highly-qualified law enforcement academies located in Minnesota and Florida respectively. Having experienced their first-rate training courses for myself, taught me a valuable lesson about the importance of quality training. That lesson was reinforced a few years later when I attended a security officer academy.
I discoveed a huge gap existing between the high-caliber training offered by law enforcement academies versus the training  found at the secuirty officer academy. The training I received at the law enforcement academies were engaging and provided extensive information from which I learned a great deal from as well as helped me to develop skills that continue to serve me well today. In stark contrast to this, was the uninspiring and limited information training I recieved via the  security officer academy.
It struck me that this shouldn't be the case as law enforcement officers and security officers are on the same side in mainataining an exceptional force to combat crime and to secure a safer environment for everyone. Some people may think the services that security officers provide isn't all that important. I whole-heartedly disagree. Having worked as a Sheriff's Deputy, Police Officer, and as a Security Officer, and doing well in each of those roles has shaped my perspective on this issue.
Consider the following:.
When something bad happens whether its a crime in progress at a business or a person experiencing a medical crisis: who is ususally the first person to happen upon the scene? A security officer is most often the first available person to report illegal activity to the police or to request medical and fire assistance in cases of emergency. Security officers are also trained to provide life-saving aid to victims until mutual aid responders arrive on scene. This is an essential support service provided by security officers because what happens within the five minutes from the onset of any incident will determine its ultimate outcome.It is my firm belief that security officers need the knowledge and training equal to that of  law enforcement officers to equip them in handling todays real-world situations involving security. To be sure, there are specific training that is exclusive to law enforcement personnel and not security officers. However, this needs to be balanced by having  well-trained security professionals..
Thus, Conroy's Security Academy was born. It is my purpose to act as a bridge between the law enforcement and security officer communities
 to broaden our overall strengths as a force to combat crime and to protect all persons from all walks of life. Security officers have a vital role in supporting law enforcement efforts.Police officerd cannot be everywhere at all times and rely on security officers to alert them when dangerous situations arise.
Conroy's Security Academy and its staff are deicated to making high-grade security training avaialble for those persons determined to join the ranks of security officers. Those already serving roles in secuirty will find enhanced training through us to assist them in aquiring new skills to enhance job performance and to advance in thier security careers. As part of our mission to remain a leading provider of comprehensive security training  right here in the central Florida area, we continuousely develop new curriculums to meet the ever-increasing needs in security training. Just as important to us is offering our training courses at the lowest cost to give greater access to people interested in a security career.
Cordially Yours:
Dr. Tom Conroy
Founder/CEO/Lead Instructor
Conroy's Security Academy