State License # DS 1200086            RS 1500001

In-Depth Class G
Armed Security Guard/Security Officer Training

Before you can become a Class G Licensed Security Guard, you must complete the State required 40 hour Class D License training.

Why might someone choose to become a licensed weapons carrier? To protect a business or his/her family members. Conroy's Security Academy located in Lakeland, FL, offers the state required firearms training for those seeking to move from an unarmed to armed licensed status.

We also offer a more advanced training course designed for armed security professionals.

Our knowledgeable instructors have more than  30 years of  Security/Military/Law Enforcement experience to  give you all the tools needed to be among the best in a security career.
Training Overview
> Ephasize on the justified use of a weapon, and the laws regarding the use of deadly force.
> Proper Firearm handling and Weapon Maintenence
> Pepper Spray/Stun Gun
>> Training encompasses both classroom presentation and practical range instruction
>>>Practical Range Instruction conducted by Qualified Trainers
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