State License # DS 1200086            RS 1500001

Extensive Class D Unarmed Security Officer Training

Security Officers are in high demand throughout the state and country. Become one of the elite by earning your Class D security license through the training offered by Conroy's Security at our Academy location in the beautiful city of Lakeland, Florida. Take the first step towards an exciting career in security by enrolling Today!
Class D training is a weaponless program where you learn the necessary information first. Our (40-hour course) is jam-packed with the critical information you need to begin your security career. It also meets the State requirements for obtaining your Class D License.

Course Overview
 • Foot Patrol • Crime Scene
* Florida Law • Firearms Safety
• Courtroom Procedure
• Interview Techniques
+Public Relations+Tacticul Communications
+Conflict Resolution+Terrorism Awareness
+Officer Safety+Uniforms & Equipment
+Post Orders+Report Writing
•Vehicle Patrol +Fire Watch
+Pepper Spray+ Stun Gun- Use/Laws+
+First Aid+CPR+ AED
+ Supervisor Training

Affordable Training Courses and Post Graduation Job Leads
If you think you are up to the task of making our community safer, then you have come to the right place. Upon graduation, we even assist you in finding a job. Our professionals are offering a special pricing for this 40-hour D class at an amazing $150.00.
* We offer a more comprehensive Pepper Spray training course in which you have the opportunity to use, and appreciate the effectiveness of this non-lethal device.

In the more advanced training: We examine more closely topics such as when to use Pepper Spray for self-defense and in defense of others. You will also learn what steps you must take immediately after deploying the device in order to protect yourself from possible civil and criminal penalties.

This training is recommended for all security officers as well as interested civilians. Training Time: 4-6 hours. Contact us for the next  sceduled training class date and time, pricing, and other information about this important training.