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There are a number of security officer training schools out there boasting that they are the best without the proven results to back up such claims. We don’t peddle hype, or offer empty promises at Conroy’s Security Academy. We take a straightforward approach with a heavy focus on providing quality security training to better equip those interested in the security industry. How do we do this? With top-notch instructors, possessing an outstanding knowledge base aquired from over thirty years of Security/Law Enforcement/Military experience.

Whether you’re just starting out as a security professional or already working in the industry and need to polish your skills, continue your education, or keep certifications like, First Aid/CPR/AED/, Pepper Spray, Tactical Communications, Advanced Security Management current, Conroy’s Security Academy has a customized training class just for you.

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ATTN: All Future Security Officers
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1. Familiarize yourself with the many exciting and rewarding career choices available within the security indudustry today. 

2. Recognize there is a high demand for trained and certified security candidates right now.

3. Understand the vital role of security officers in deterring crime and creating a safer world for us all.

4. Take charge of your destiny. Enroll in a security training course without delay.

5. Don't let the opportunity for a fullfilling career and reliable income slip away.

6. Have questions? Call/Email/Use Contact Form for assistance in finding the career path that best fits you. Tel: (863) 940-3300 -or- (863) 258-3603

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  1. Managing Director
    Offering the Best in Security Guard Training for Persons with the Desire to Help Combat Crime. Advanced Training for Security Officers Also Available.
  2. Managing Director
    Our Comprehensive Course Trainings Present You with Real-World Scenario's, On-Site Demonstrations, and Computer-Aided Learning to Equip You with the Tools Needed to Prepare for the Unexpected. A Successful Career in Security Begins at Conroy's Security Academy. Are You Ready? Sign-up Today!
  3. Managing Director
    Find Resources for Recommended Gear & Equipment for the Security Officer. Discover How Conroy's Security Academy Assists Graduates with Gaining Employment with the Top Security Companies. Take Charge of Your Future by Enrolling in a Security Training Class Today!
" Dare to Be Your Best"
  1. A Salute to Security Officers
    The men and women working as security officers act as strong deterrents against crime. Say "Thanks" to those you meet. Consider joining in the effort to increase safety while decreasing crime
  2. Unlock Your Full Potential
    When opportunity for success in all you do knocks at your door...Answer and Dare to Be Your Best!
  3. Emergency Preparedness
    Take a First Aid class, become certified in CPR and AED, put together an emergency kit, make a family plan for where to go and how to stay in contact with one another in the event of a disaster.